This was a project aimed at 11& 12 year old boys and girls living in, and around Abergavenny. The workshops had space for up to 45 young people to experience three unforgettable days.

Attention please! All mums & dads, grans, gramps, guardians, aunts, uncles, godparents of pre-teen boys and girls living in and around Abergavenny, in Monmouthshire. From our own experience of raising children we know that families bring up kids to be caring, considerate people. So now that they're on the cusp of becomming young adults, in a globally connected world, it's an ideal time to reinforce these family and community values while also building confidence and esteem at the same time. Through practical learning and hands-on experience this project explores what it feels like to be a global citizen right here in Abergavenny; in Monmouthshire; in Wales MAKING SENSE OF THE WORLD WE SHARE.

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!! Unable to find / confirm a venue in Abergavenny the organisers took the very difficult decision to withdraw. (15 March 2013) - LOOK AT WHAT ABERGAVENNY FAMILIES MISSED ! -

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