-A GRADUAL EROSION OF PUBLIC SPACE - [valuable civil places in which to meet AND be greeted; with dignity and inter-dependence.]

TAKING A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE Step back, and you'll gain a different perspective. A bigger picture. Our lives, opportunities and experiences are all different. Our motivations are unique too. Many people are living close to their personal 'edge'. Some will fall through life's widening gaps, while invisible others are victims already. Many of us are still MANAGING to HOLD ON - with dignity - despite hardship; hoping to forge LIFELINES to people and activities which others may take for granted, or which perhaps is simply assumed, are widely available and accessible to everybody in Abergavenny. However, that is not true. TAKE A STEP BACK. LOOK AT THE BIGGER, CHANGING, SOCIAL, CLIMATE & ECONOMIC PICTURE. Where are you coming from? What if your circumstances changed? Who can you turn to? And for people who have nobody to turn to please consider where our support will come from?